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So I grew up in Arizona. The product of unconscious parents. If they did not feel like cooking, it was a drive through for us. But my father grew up, son of a Navy man. A CHEAP Navy man. Who loved to grow his own food. And I remember as a kid, watching grandpa check his beehive, and pull a tomato. WHAT HAPPENED in the gap between my grandfather, and where I am today??? 

You see, growing is completely new to me. And I am a little daunted by it. But I am trying. Seeing what works, what does not, and trying to transform my backyard space, into my own urban agriculture. It is hard, but fun. 

There is no rhyme or reason to this post, but to ask for guidance from the veterans, and offer kind words of support to the fellow rookies. 

I get lost, but it has become my passion... on fire, no sleep, up all night reading, watching videos, planning, and dreaming of a world, where I eat my landscape, and share my passions with others. 

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Comment by Kristin Parsons on April 15, 2013 at 8:43am

I am in a very similar situation! my grandparents were Kansas farmers. Tough people who worked the land. My mom doesn't really cook, and only ever had a garden with tomatoes and jalapenos, and the occasional banana pepper plant. My Dad had a great job and thought his success meant that he could get as far away from farming as possible. I think my parents just fell for all of the marketing and advertising of the convenience of it all and associated the restaurant lifestyle with success. They think it's hilarious that I have chickens and don't know why I am obsessed with fruit trees. I've watched my grandparents live into their 90s eating from the farm, and watched my parents battle disease and health issues at a much younger age eating a diet of restaurant and processed food. So I'm taking note of that and trying to learn from all of them.

Comment by L S Lloyd on March 25, 2013 at 8:07pm

All of our parents didn't fail--I grew up in Arizona too and my mom always had gardens, fruit trees and chickens--well, no chickens in Page--a little tough to raise ones own food up there.  There was a small garden....and in Yuma and Phoenix--always.  She canned, and preserved and taught us all to do the same.  I became a Master Gardner years ago and that was a help to knowing what to do and when.  So, Good Luck to you and your efforts--this group is chock full of folks who are more than willing to give advice and encouragement.  And the County Extension office has lots of good material....

Comment by Torrie B on March 24, 2013 at 3:06pm

Just get out there and plant :) ~ :) ~ Turn these dreams into your reality :) See what works by researching and then trying new things ~ :) 

Comment by Dylan on March 19, 2013 at 11:49am

Its clear our parents ways have failed and we all need something new.

Comment by grrlscout on March 19, 2013 at 10:52am

Welcome to the insanity! 

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