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So Henry has grown to 9 pounds and is 6.5 months old. Sophie is 4.5 months and eight pounds.

Henry has been raised on a diet of Purina rabbit which is 16% protien

Sophie has been raised on Manna pro gro formula which is 18%protien (Henry would not eat it)

Now that Sophie is so close to her Senior weight I will be switching her soon to Manna pro sho which is 16% protien until she is bred I will then switch her back to the gro formula until she weans her kits.

I am anxious to breed. It looks as if I may have a new Doe that is breeding age coming from california. That is if the

transportation arrangements work out, the water don't rise etc........ I have to keep reminding myself not to count my kits until they're birthed. So I have been lurking on a few rabbit groups in particular meat rabbit groups and the meat

rabbit community is pretty big and growing. Learning alot.

For those of you wondering one doe can provide about 300 pounds of meat per year for your table.

your biggest initial investment is cages. If you don't want to breed you can find a breeder/farmer to purchase

weanlings from and feed them for 30 days or so until they are about 5-6 pounds then butcher them. This is a much faster turn around then chickens. The meat is delicate, all white, no fat high protien. Just darn yummy. The long wait for me has been waiting for my breeders to grow up so they can start producing. But once they get started they will breed like rabbits (hahaha).

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Comment by Treasa on December 10, 2010 at 7:55pm

yahoo groups

meatrabbits and American rabbits.  Also a local group called azbunnyswap.

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