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hi all! bryan at the green house farm here, just wanted to show some pictures of this years fruit tree pruning efforts ... the goal of this home orchard is to have trees that are a maximum of 8' high so we can reach / service (prune + net + harvest) the tree from the ground ... in order to do that, dwarfing through pruning was implemented see dave wilson's website for additional instructions ... all of these trees are on their 3rd bare root / winter spring season:

1st year - bare root planting (january) ... root growth and an 18" high trunk - prune / cut (hidden in the grass, not visible) - 6' high branch growth at the end of the first summer ...

2nd year - scaffold / branch development - 8' high growth needs (3) summer prunings of 18"+ of end growth - culled fruit

3rd year - fruiting spur development - finally fruit!

this is a monster of a tree, quite an aggressive grower ... white nectarine ... you can see the 'tall' branch that i left on for the photo ... this was the late summer growth ht above 8'+ that was removed this month ... the scaffold is developed as an upside down umbrella structure on the stone fruits ... the soil probe is about 4' high, for scale ...

plum ... again a strong grower (you can see how much growth was removed by the one remaining branch for illustrative purposes) ... (18" trunck hidden in grass)

pear ... pomme fruits (pears + apples) are developed with a center lead / christmas tree scaffold structure ...

apple ... (pomme) center lead ... max height 8'


(2) dwarf bonanza peach same 3rd year age ... no pruning ...

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Comment by Liz & Dan on January 24, 2012 at 1:24pm

What a great visual reference!  Thanks for taking the time to post these pictures - very educational.

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