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We returned from our annual vacation to Sedona/Jerome area to find Jalepenos finally coming in! I also came home to a mailer packet full of seeds. Several kinds of Peppers, Tomatillos, melons, and more. Some to plant now, some for later in the year, and various types of lettuce specifically for the indoor Aquaponics system I plant to work on this summer.

The next day a friend took me to Gardeners' World east of us on Baseline, and I picked up 6 Banana Pepper starter plants that have a few peppers on each plant, a heritage Cantaloupe seed packet and heritage cat nip seed packet. 

I tend to do my gardening after dinner. Routine helps me be consistent, and the evening is a bit cooler without the sun glaring down on me. Plus the water doesn't boil the roots and we hope it has a better chance to soak into the ground without being evaporated as quickly. It's different than gardening in Los Angeles, CA was; that's for sure! 

Last night I transplanted my seedlings of eggplant and the new starter pepper plants into our concrete block raised bed which we set up last year on the southwest side of the yard under a couple of indigenous trees. We started it off using the "No Dig" layered method.  This year I started off by giving the areas I planned to plant a good soak, and added a bit of fish emulsion to them and then fish emulsion for all the other food producers in the yard.

Today we did some rescue work on basil which already seems to be paying off, and tomorrow night I am hoping to plant a few more types of peppers, eggplant, and melons. We'll see what happens! Maybe we'll have a summer harvest worth sharing with friends and neighbors. Here's hoping! 

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