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Opportunity to Fund Community Gardens in Maryvale

State Farm Neighborhood Assist - Please Help Us Bring $25,000 to Our Community!

The Arizona Community Land Trust – Creating Community Gardens for Maryvale is one of the top 200 finalists in State Farm Neighborhood Assist™. We need you to rally behind our cause, cast your votes and help us win! Here’s how: click here [] and vote for “Growing Together Maryvale.” The voting phase is open now until Nov. 4 and you can vote up to 10 times per day EVERYDAY for our cause. Winner announcements are Nov. 30. 

Please forward this to your colleagues, friends and family to vote and help spread the word to a widening circle of friends.

Thanks in advance for your support!


Richard Starling


2000 original submissions - narrowed to 200 - top 40 in the voting receive $25,000 each.

Updates will be posted here: (you can say you are going - participating - and share this Facebook page with others!)

The Arizona Community Land Trust promotes land tenure based on stewardship of land and its resources for the larger community; ecologically responsible use of land and resources; regeneration of the commons; and the creation of affordable housing, community based agricultural programs, cooperatives and other related initiatives.

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