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local source for fresh compost tea?!

Hello everyone,
I wonder if you all know of any places in the Valley that sell freshly brewed compost tea?!  I would like to do a soil drench around a very large tree but do not have the capacity to make so much tea myself right now.  Thanks!  :)


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Comment by Kemper Burt on May 5, 2016 at 4:42pm

Hi Rachel

I have a concentrated compost tea. Using some biodynamic preps and mineral nutirents.

It also contains worm castings. The castings come from my worm farm while the bidynamic preps are sourced from my friend Steve Storch who is the creator of the Vortex Brewer.

You can take 1 cup of concentrate to one gallon of water shake well and pour around your tree.

You will get 16 gallons from my one gallon.

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