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check out on face book and, not the one from San Francisco! but with, 3 Moons , hope I get it?! need help I guess with getting this one better! 

Invite everyone to try out their knowledge of dry growing, not in the Phonix area but closer to Death Valley, drier, tougher!!!

first we are building small structures with earth bags and walls with bottles and whatever else! to shape protected areas. growing protected by walls and structures.

I am living at present, half a year in Brussels, now everyone knows where , sort of! this is!

from end of Feb until June, more or less, we are bulding and making. to be able to put down gardens, growing food, need to one or 2 would love to live in this beautiful and challenging spot, build with us, grow, live there!!! a writer, ?! philosopher?! photographer?! musician needing to work on your music? or??? tell me!  or come this spring and check us out!

even those of you who will build with your new earth bag construction! bravo! always expands your knowhow in another place, different styles to work, different earths!!different challenges!

open to you just to come and share! wonderful to have exchanges between us!

thank you! jehane

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