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The kids and I had a great time, thank you all. Thank you Anne and Jacob for teaching us.

I took my Tuna's home and got started right away, I knew the frozen ones I couldn't touch till tomorrow. So I thew some in the freezer and called my mother in law to see how she prepares them in Mexico. They rub the fruit on wadded up newspaper and the stickers are supposed to attach to the paper, then they cut and peel them.

Then I checked online and there was three suggestions; cooking, freezing and using a toothbrush or scrubby to scrub off the needles. I happen to have a sponge near the end of his life and decided while the others freeze I would give my sponge one last job. I scrubbed as I rinsed and filled a plate full. being carefull of leftover needles I sliced all the ends. I held the tuna where the clean cuts were and sliced down the center and peeled the skin off. (I have posted pictures my son took of me cutting them open and peeling)

Boy do they have a wonderful flower like smell! I was so anxious to taste one I couldn't imagine the flavor. I have been told they are similar to Kiwi, Strawberry or Watermelon. I took a few bites. Not quite what I expected. I see this bright color and expect a strong flavor or some sort, but it is extreemly mild and watery. I worked through about 10 or 15, I'm not sure how many really, then I put them in the blender then strained them and I could work it a little through the cheesecloth with a spoon because I had cut off the needles. I had over 2 cups of juice. I made Prickly Pear Lemonade. I brought one pitcher to my mom and she didn't like it that much, but my husband and kids loved it! Here's the recipe;

4 cups water
Juice of 6 lemons or limes
3/4 cup prickly pear juice
2/3 cup granulated sugar

Here's one more sticker removing method I just found - singe the little hairy stickers off over the gas stove burner. Stick a fork in it and you can twirl it like a marshmallow over the flame.

I hope to get through all of these tunas at least one bucket I hope to get juiced and put in some type of easy to use container and measurment for making things through the year. I will let you all know.

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Comment by Erika on October 26, 2008 at 5:25pm
by the way if you get poked, like when my little one reached in the bucket an hour ago. My husband had me rub chewed gum into the needled area and it supposed to pull out the stickers, She did stop crying (maybe that's because I gave her the gum!?)

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