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"The advantages of straw bales are many. If you have poor soil or excessive weeds, you can take an end run around some of the soil prep by planting on bales. When the bales are exhausted after one or two years remove the twine and let the straw cover the ground and start over with fresh bales or consider planting directly into the mound and moving to a no-till technique."

Instructions at the URL above or do a Google search on Straw Bale Gardening

In Today's (10/24) Craigslist
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Date: 2008-10-24, 8:10AM

We would like to sell several bails of straw. We have about 500 weathered, but very good bails. Very good for bedding or halloween decorations and hay rides.
The price is $3 a Bail if you pick up or $5 a bail and we will deliver... for delivery minimum of 10 bails required.
Call Jerry or Wanda at 520 413 5933 (home) 480 993 4030 (cell)

* Location: Maricopa
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial
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OR wait a week and find some from a Halloween display.

I have never tried this but am thinking about doing straw bales in my raised beds that are being overrun with Bermuda.

Anybody tried this before?

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Comment by Lisette Volkmar on February 2, 2009 at 1:10pm
After a three month trial, I am declaring this experiment a dismal failure! Do not try this at home, especially in Arizona. What few seeds came up, died, as did most of the transplants. Most productive results were fungus and crickets. We pulled half the bales out of the raised beds yesterday, and will remove the rest next weekend. Went to A&P Nursery and bought tomatos, peppers and flowers to go in the bed to celebrate. I am looking forward to having a productive veg garden again!

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