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I feel called to have a gathering of people for the new moon this month, Friday April 24th, at my home. I would like to have friendly folks, drums and music, dancing, singing, chanting, prayer, potluck food, smiles and laughter, and plenty of spirit. I want take the time to honor and commune with spirit, bringing people together in celebration of life. It will be a time of sharing. If you would like to join me, and/or if you feel there is something more to be added to my visionary venue, please let me know. All hearts are welcomed by my own.

Love and Light,

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Great idea, I am new to this group and would love to experience this type of energy. Where are you located? I will bring my drum.

Michele Obezo
Welcome to the group, Michele. I'm located at about 35th ave and baseline. The address is 3503 W Glass Ln. I look forward to meeting you!
Ooooo I'm not in town then Will be off to the Hot Springs... Have fun.
So, I haven't gotten much of a response from people about the new moon gathering. I would like to know who is interested so that I can start to plan more of the evening. If I don't get much response here, I would like to reach out to more people. : ) I am honored to share space with all those who come. It is good to see all the faces of the divine.

For those who would like to come, please contact me, and if you are coming I would like for everyone to bring at least one of the following:

~ musical instrument
~ food to share
~ songs/stories/words/ideas
~ love
~ a smile
~ an open heart
{the last three usually go together anyway}
~ whatever your heart desires
~ something you want to let go of
{this can be something with form, as there will be a fire, or something formless}

Thank You!
The ceremony was excellent!
I hope there'll be another and would encourage anyone interested to attend. Great food and wonderful company. Well done Jenna.

Be blessed!
Thanks, Paul. It was wonderful to have you with us. Thank you for all of your sharing. I definitely plan to continue these events. My schedule might get kind of crazy soon, but there is always time for the imortant things -- like community and communion. I will keep trying to get the word out. I hope to see you around, kind spirit.




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