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Blessings everyone,

On September 19th I will have a Rainbow Lodge Ceremony honouring the Equinox, the balance of the Masculine and Feminine, and the International Day of Peace [Sept 21st], at my home the Bee Oasis in Mesa, AZ

Let's gather at 5.00pm and start the lodge about 6.30pm, a Potluck Feast will follow with whatever we decide.....ends, about 10.30 - 11pm [ arrive about 4pm for Fire/Lodge building]

So bring a towel (or two), water, tobacco offering, potluck, Donation (swimsuit, towel or sarong if needed in the lodge).
Also Bring an offering of Peace - a song, poem, dance, prayer, a craft ???
This will be our connection to the United Nations Celebration -

Please note.
This is a clothing optional evening, Dress or un-dress to YOUR comfort. People, myself included will be nude. It is a non-sexual, body honouring ceremony. Earth spiritual, unencumbered of society's demands!

Respect to all beings - seen and unseen - Freedom from judgment for self or others.

Come in Joy of the Season
Sweat your prayers
Let your heart sing

Please RSVP - space limited (in the lodge) plenty of room around the lodge - holding the space for those inside.

Location - 2652 E. Butte Circle Mesa AZ 85213

Don Titmus
Four Directions UL Church

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Don, I would like to come, and I may bring one other if there is room. Hope you are well. Thanks again for the opportunity you created with conscious dance. It was absolutely wonderful. I hope to do it again soon. Maybe I'll see you Friday night!




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