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Hey Dancers,
We have a Dance Friday  7 - 9 pm  March 19
The Last Conscious Dance  at East / West Exchange , Chandler, AZ.  480-855-6010
East /West is moving to Payson AZ. Future Dances are being arranged at the new location, Stay connected.
Friday Mar 19th, 7 - 9pm  ( Please RSVP - 480-855-6010 )  Spring/Madness playlist
Cost $10 to East / West for Adults, (Teens $5, and kids 7-12 no charge)

DJ PermieDon will move you with his Creative Play list, with its Full wave to transform by.

The Quintessential, Eclectic, Global Mix for the Masses !

 The first 1/2 hour will be warm up/yoga/Contact Improv with the dance to follow. The Dance generally has a theme, it has a designed "Wave" [specific dance rhythms to move you], and it has community.

                        Rhythms - Spiral, Branching, Random, Edgy, and Integration.  
 The Dance Space - 35x40 floating floor (decorated and lit by us)
With a Cuddle Corner in the Room for some "Berkeley Loving Vibe" or just relaxing between songs......
Where to go;
2051 W. Warner Road, Chandler, AZ
Located: 1 mile East of Route 101 at W. Warner Road, 4 miles South of Route 60 on Dobson Road,
A Safe environment to really express yourself, to transform through the music, to ride the wave into awareness, to allow your intuitive self to move you through mental blocks and into greater awareness.
Conscious Dance is but one of many names for Ecstatic Dancing - dancing with intent, dancing a prayer, dancing for the bliss of it!
All are welcome...No partner needed… choose Uplifting Inspiring music.  
Smoke Free, Drug Free, Alcohol Free, Ego Free

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for more dance opportunities
Mar 26th  - Dance at S.C.U.C.C. Scottsdale. 7- 9pm
Blessings everyone, Don
On March 20th I will have a Rainbow Lodge Ceremony honouring the Equinox,  the balance of the Masculine and Feminine, at my home the Bee Oasis in Mesa, AZ
Let's gather at 5.00pm and  start the lodge about 6.30pm, a Potluck Feast will follow with whatever we decide.....ends, about 10.30 - 11pm [ arrive about 4pm for Fire/Lodge building]
So bring a towel (or two), water, tobacco offering, potluck, Donation (swimsuit, towel or sarong if needed in the lodge).
Also Bring an offering of Love - a song, poem, dance, prayer, a craft ???
Please note.
This is a clothing optional evening, Dress or un-dress to YOUR comfort. People, myself included will be nude. It is a non-sexual, body honouring ceremony. Earth spiritual, unencumbered of society's demands!
Respect to all beings - seen and unseen - Freedom from judgment for self or others.
Come in Joy of the Season
Sweat your prayers
Let your heart sing
Please RSVP - space limited (in the lodge) plenty of room around the lodge - holding the space for those inside.
Location - 2652 E. Butte Circle Mesa AZ 85213   480-962-6353
Rev. Don Titmus
Four Directions UL Church

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