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Does anyone know of a place one can get their soil tested for V or F?

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Hi Green Shoes.  Go up to Home, click on resources and then garden and garden supplies and there is a list from the Ext Service which lists the testing labs.

Thanks Catherine.  I was really looking for a recommendation from someone who had used a lab that tested specifically for V or F.  The labs listed are for NPK or nutrient soil tests. 

Hmmm, sorry I was thinking most can test for most soil issues.

I did a quick search online and I can't find a reference to labs which test the 'soil' most indicate they have to test the plant to determine the presence of either wilt. :(

Yeah, I saw that too.  I was thinking since the fungus is in the soil, the soil could be tested.  I have spoken to many labs regarding the testing and as I said before most of them test for nutrients or known environmental contaminates.  On to plan B.....

Contact Thelma Sadaang At Motzz Laboratories in East Phoenix. She is a longtime client of mine; I sold her facility to her. She is a longtime established, top notch soil testing lab.  As Catherine states, you may have to test the plant, but I would consult with her first, as she has some new state of the art soil testing equipment. She is a very helpful, sharp, congenial lady.


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