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  The hot sun is brutaly attacking my tomato plants laden with tomatoes.  Other plants are being effected as well.

I went to Home depot this morning and looked a heavy duty sun screen.  They want $79.00 for 6 x 50' roll.  My garden is onebox 12 x 40 and to cover it all would be real expensive.  I had an idea of making 4 x 6 six frames covered with cloth and and mounting the frames on uprights so that they could be tilted at various angle above the plants depending on need.

Does anyone have a better idea of both the method and material to be more effective and to keeping the cost lower?  Are there not less expensive materials to use for shade?

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Robert, I have used the burlap totes from homdepot ($4) I cut it open and hung it. There are pretty good sized holes so a lot of light still came through although I am sure that not all burlap will have big enough holes.

  Thanks for the further info.  I found a place that sell burlap by the roll or in sheets.  It sells for around .29 a yard.  Still heven't gotten any yet.

  You call burlap bags totes.  When I was in N. Carolina, the called the "pokes".

I call them sacks but @ homedepot they call them totes so that's what I said..

Untreated burlap sacks (like the ones from a coffee shop) are awesome to compost in too!

where did you find burlap for 29 cents a yard?

erniee, you need to find a coffee roaster, they will have burlap bags to sell.  I know there is one in Tempe, don't remember the name now though.

Mary is it Lost Dutchman?

I don't know Catherine.  Someone else (Jacq I think) was talking about the burlap sacks.  Any coffee roaster should have them available.

Ah - found Jacq's note "I bought the bags from Momento Coffee Roasters in Tempe. They are only $5 each and they have lots of them."


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