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I am new to this forum.  I am a special education teacher wanting to start a composting program at my school for my students.  I need bins that are easy for my students to "stir" the composting material.  My students have intellectual disabilities, but are capable of moving and learning through hands-on projects.  My school is located in the Isaac School District.  We have a lot of second language learners, along with families with very limited resources.  My hope is to inspire the entire community to help our environment by reducing, reducing, and recycling.  The area is in dire need of GREEN vegetation.  If anyone wants to help, please contact me.  Thank you. I am including a PDF file that I want to use in order to design my program.

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Hi Olga, welcome.

Your goal and materials look good.

A recent post by Greg Peterson on "sheet mulching" also called layering or lazagna gardening might be of interest to you and your students as another way to compost and garden at the same time.

Good luck on your project(s).


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