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This summer we had quite a thing with rats & mice. Yech, not so good for me. There were small field mice--not roof rats--in my orange tree. We quickly got rid of all of the fruit we had not picked and the neighborhood cat took care of any remainders. 

I have 3 chickens, each 4 years old now. I had a City of Phoenix recycle container for a compost bin (no wheels, open bottom) in the back near the coop for the same time frame. We ended up with RATS in there who also took up nesting in it and somehow not bothering the girls. The only way we could get rid of them was to empty all of the compost (on top of the roses) and set traps. We ended up killing about 8 of them. Later we found out our neighbor on the other side of the fence had 'vermin' (her words). 

I would like to set up the compost again and use the same container in the same spot. It's convenient to the coop, set in the back part of the yard, has shade, the pool. That part of the yard is blocked off by a fence and it keeps the dogs separate from the chickens. I am loathe to repeat the rat or mice scenario. There are other parts of the yard, but it is quite busy--trees garden areas, gazebo. I also have 3 dogs and believe if I moved the compost then the corgies would be in a digging frenzy.

Certainly a first world problem. I welcome any thoughts on restart the compost or move the compost. Thanks!

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