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Hello, I am looking for perlite, humus and course sand, any one know of any where I can buy it local?? I have contacted Therma-Rock west in chandler and they said I have to buy 10 pallets of perlite to even look there way, only looking for a pallet or and a truck load of both humus and course sand. Thanks for any help

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If all else fails. I would be interested in a pallet. now you only need 8 more people

Home Depot or Lowe's would probably give you a 10% discount for a large order. I have bought very large bags of vermiculite and perlite from them in the past. Can't remember what I paid.

Hello Dennis,

Therma-Rock does have non-retail packaging/bulk bags available (pictured below, adjacent to mulch pile) at an incredible savings.

You'll have to trek the the factory (which is cool to see); make sure to call ahead and bring some tie-down straps.

For the sand, consider some volcanic cinder sand from A&A materials. Wonderful stuff! :)




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