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We have a large batch of composted manure ready. $3 per bag - stacked and ready for pick up. These are reused 50 lb. feed bags. $2 per bag - bring your own bag & you bag it. Or, $40 per truck bed or trailer. We'll fill YOUR truck or trailer with our small tractor. Sorry, we don't deliver! This is a combination of horse, donkey, goat, chicken and turkey manure with associated bedding, straw & wood shavings. We hot compost, manage the temps and moisture.  Our animals are immunized, wormed and medicated as needed.  Please read about how these vermicides & antibiotics degrade here,  We do hot compost and each bin is a minimum of 4 months old, leaving minimal residue in our finished product. Located in North Phoenix off of 13th Ave & Happy Valley Rd. Call or txt me at 602-702-3676 ~ Alison

Bin on the left is what we start with, bin on the right is our finished product. 

We hot compost, managing temps and moisture too kill any harmful pathogens & seeds.

We have many repeat customers that are happy with their garden results. 

One of our adorable contributors to our compost!  Hoss says, thanks for your interest in our poop! 

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Alison's compost is the Best !  Have already added it to my routine a couple times...

-Jeff Adams


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