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Soil Builders

This is a group for those focussed on soil building and bioremediation - through compost, EMs, bokashi, compost tea, vermicomposting and the like.

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Discussion Forum

greenhouse, shredder, Back To Eden Organic Gardening

Searching for used greenhouse and shredder/chipper as well as those familiar withBack To Eden Organic Gardening Film | How to Grow a Vegetable Garden…Continue

Started by netty wisbaum May 15, 2017.

Composted Manure for Sale 1 Reply

We have a large batch of composted manure ready. $3 per bag - stacked and ready for pick up. These are reused 50 lb. feed bags. $2 per bag - bring your own bag & you bag it. Or, $40 per truck bed…Continue

Started by Alison McKee. Last reply by Jeff Adams Feb 23, 2016.

Need to borrow worm farm for two monhs 2 Replies

In condo in Fountain Hills to end of March. Hate to put kitchen waste in trash or disposal.  Can anybody loan me a small bin with worms?  I will feed apple cores, banana peels, carrot/celery…Continue

Tags: composting, Vermiculture

Started by Chuck Holmes. Last reply by Chuck Holmes Jan 28, 2016.

Water harvesting series with urban soils class!

Hi all, I work for VPA partner Watershed Management Group, and I'd like to let you know about an upcoming project series we're holding to help people learn about using rainwater harvesting,…Continue

Tags: classes, greywater, events, hands-on, education

Started by Lindsay Ignatowski Jan 4, 2016.

Broad Fork For Sale at Super Duper VPA Fellow Gardener Discount! 1 Reply

A Broad Fork is the way to open up your compacted or caliche soils so you can landscape or plant a garden here in the desert. We got rid of both our front and back lawns using this tool, our soil is…Continue

Started by Helen E. Raleigh. Last reply by Helen E. Raleigh Aug 16, 2015.

Compost & Rain Barrel For Sale or Free to Good Cause! 3 Replies

Be water smart and eco friendly with this easy and fun way to try your hand at composting. Simply put in some soil from your yard, add your food waste, shredded paper or brown leaves and spin the…Continue

Started by Helen E. Raleigh. Last reply by Helen E. Raleigh Aug 16, 2015.

Looking for bulk Perlite, Humus, and course sand 3 Replies

Hello, I am looking for perlite, humus and course sand, any one know of any where I can buy it local?? I have contacted Therma-Rock west in chandler and they said I have to buy 10 pallets of perlite…Continue

Started by Dennis j.l. Hagood. Last reply by Max Aug 15, 2015.

Making mulch 2 Replies

Hello,We live in a neighborhood of acre lots and as a result there are a ton of tree trimmings every time bulk trash is scheduled. We were thinking of getting a shredder/wood chipper and gathering…Continue

Started by heather rutter. Last reply by Max Aug 15, 2015.


I moved to a new house i need soil to get a new garden started. I would appreciate it thank you. I have  been  gardening for almost 6 years now.Continue

Started by Ernesto Apr 3, 2015.

Building Good Soil For Raised Beds 7 Replies

Hello All. I am completely new to AZ gardening and plan to start some raised beds in the yard of the home I am renting soon. I was given some hints about having to "build" a more suitable,…Continue

Tags: Coir., beds., Raised

Started by Rachel Brumitt. Last reply by Bill McLain Dec 18, 2014.

Worm Tower 8 Replies

Has anyone tried this?  How To Build a Worm Tower from Mid-West PermacultureThe following begins as a…Continue

Tags: vermicomposting, worm_tower

Started by MaryMcP. Last reply by MaryMcP Oct 20, 2014.

Rats in compost

This summer we had quite a thing with rats & mice. Yech, not so good for me. There were small field mice--not roof rats--in my orange tree. We quickly got rid of all of the fruit we had not…Continue

Tags: compost, in, Rats

Started by jeanette Oct 5, 2014.

Soil Testing 2 Replies

Can anybody suggest who offers soil testing? I am mainly worried about a painted wall and weather there had been some lead paint used at any point. Thanks.Continue

Tags: testing, soil

Started by Rachel Brumitt. Last reply by Jeff Adams Sep 22, 2014.

School Composting Project 1 Reply

I am new to this forum.  I am a special education teacher wanting to start a composting program at my school for my students.  I need bins that are easy for my students to "stir" the composting…Continue

Started by Olga Gilchrist. Last reply by Catherine, The Herb Lady Jul 23, 2014.

unused beds 6 Replies

This is a two part question: 1. How should I be caring for my unused beds during the summer? Do I keep watering them? 2. How do I amend a bed that was used by a neighborhood cat?Thank you!JoannaContinue

Started by Joanna Benton. Last reply by Powell Gammill Jul 3, 2014.

Testing your soil for Verticillum and/or Fusarium Wilts 5 Replies

Does anyone know of a place one can get their soil tested for V or F?Continue

Started by green shoes. Last reply by Jeff Adams May 28, 2014.

Shading a vegetable garden 21 Replies

  The hot sun is brutaly attacking my tomato plants laden with tomatoes.  Other plants are being effected as well.I went to Home depot this morning and looked a heavy duty sun screen.  They want…Continue

Started by Robert Brown. Last reply by Catherine, The Herb Lady Apr 14, 2014.

Bokashi Composting! 13 Replies

Hi Soil Lovers!My name is Morgan Coffinger, Founder of Bokashi Evolution ( based out of Tempe, AZ. For those of you that love…Continue

Tags: bacteria, evolution, mycelium, soil, EM

Started by Morgan Coffinger. Last reply by Morgan Coffinger Oct 3, 2013.

Worm castings vs. bat guano 3 Replies

I've always heard that the two best fertilizers are worm castings and bat guano.  I know worm castings are great from my experience with farming worms, but does anyone know anything about bat guano?Continue

Started by Robert Fenchak. Last reply by raf evan Sep 15, 2013.

Sulphur for pH reduction 9 Replies

According to my recent soil test I need to reduce the pH of my soil which puts me in the same situation as most new gardeners in the valley.  I've been advised to use elemental sulphur. I bought some…Continue

Started by Kevin Dukes. Last reply by Kevin Dukes Jul 31, 2013.


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