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In past years I've tried Raspberries from local nursery's, grew OK the first year but died the second. Dorman raspberry is supposed to grow in zone 11 but from what I read it has very little taste. Has anyone grown Bababerrry Raspberries? I understand they are very flavorful.?

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That is a raspberry list. 

I had heard Apaches were fine here as long as they get shade... Most of the Arkansas development cultivars don't really do well here.  A few do with help. 

Reputable nurseries are everywhere.  You just have to look for customer feedback like on Davesworld and Google.  Specialists who only have a limited number of species they sell often are perfect.  But sadly even a good nursery with a good rep can turn into a bad one and it may be several years before you suspect they sold you something other than claimed.


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