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In past years I've tried Raspberries from local nursery's, grew OK the first year but died the second. Dorman raspberry is supposed to grow in zone 11 but from what I read it has very little taste. Has anyone grown Bababerrry Raspberries? I understand they are very flavorful.?

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Tom we grew raspberries years ago - in full sun and they did so well we had to rip them out because the wild gene took over and the thorns were all over including the underground runners.  So my question would be did you grow them in full sun?

Ok, so, really??!!  I understand about the thorns, but did they produce good fruit?  How much water did they require to do so well?  (your best guess on water, no need to be precise)  Were they from a local nursery or home depot/lowes or mail order?

Hi Alisa.  I believe I got them from Home Depot.  The plants produced more thorns than fruit.  When I say thorns I mean completely covered stalks and underground roots - it was the most amazing thing. Some how the plant morphed into a seriously wilding.

With that said what fruit we were able to harvest was good.  It simply was not worth the challenge of the thorns.  I would look for a good breeder - maybe get some recommendations for varieties.  As far as water similar to tomatoes and they were in full sun.

Thanks Catherine for your recommendations.

Awesome, thank you!  :)  Glad to hear the fruit was good...with good fruit, there is much potential.

Catherine's experience is better than anyone else I have heard here.  In no small part I suspect because she is an experienced, accomplished gardener.  Quite extraordinary really.

IMHO raspberries are still experimental in Maricopa Co.  I have tried Dorman Red (Womack nurseries).  I thought they were quite tasty but the fruit disintegrated into bb's on picking.  Early May fruit. If it gets too hot they can get off tasting.  Really want late spring, summer shade on them I think.  At least until well established.  Blackberries still fruit (though less) in partial and even compete shade; so the east or north side of a structure might work well for raspberries.

The others I would try (experimentally) would be Southern bababerry, Oregon 1030, Mysore (not considered a great raspberry) and Caroline Red.  This is not based upon experience just literature.  Berries are a prerogative of the colder areas.  Getting most to survive, thrive and fruit here and produce fruit of acceptable quality is the challenge.

My list of candidates:

I'm guessing trailing varieties rather than erect are likelier to succeed.  These zone areas are from reputable sources not the flashy online middleman nurseries who will promise you anything and maybe even deliver the cultivar you bought if you are fortunate.

Red Raspberry
Chilliwack    Very Late Summer     Large           6 - 9
Dinkum     Ever-bearing     Large     Australia     Zone 3 - 11
Dorman Red     Mid June     Large           6 - 10
Tulameen     Very Late Summer     Large           6 - 9
Polka Fall
Autumn Britten Fall
Autumn Bliss Fall
Caroline Fall [maybe same as Caroline Red]

Caroline Red (PP10,412) 4-9
Heritage Fall (zone 9, DWN)
Oregon 1030  zone 9
Southern Bababerry (Baba Red, DWN, zone 9, quality)
Tulameen zone 9
Chilliwack zone 9

Yellow Raspberry
Fallgold     Ever-bearing     Medium           5 - 9
Anne Fall  4 - 9

Purple Raspberry

Black Raspberry (Jams?)
Black Hawk     Mid Summer     Medium-Large     Iowa     5 - 9
Cumberland     Mid to Late Summer     Large     Pennsylvania     5 - 9

I seem to remember Christine Rademann has a fairly tall raised bed of thriving raspberry (this is from a 2012 conversation/visit in which my camera battery died after two shots).  It gets overhead shade and possible western shade in the summer.  I think she said it was Heritage but don't hold me to that.  It was a great way of containing it.  And she liked the fruit. 

Good source info.  And thank you for the compliment - I'm blushing!

Thanks for all the information it is much appreciated. I have a caged garden with 70% shade cloth on all sides and top. The Apache (thorn less) blackberries would like to take over the whole garden, they produce nicely. I've had them over 5 years.

You deserve it.

Thanks for your recommendations, just where do I find a reputable nursery?? You might want to add Apache Blackberries to your list, they are thorn less and grow well in this area providing you have shade cloth or can plant them in an area that is shaded from the afternoon sun.

Tom, thanks for the recommendation of the Apache Blackberries. Noted.


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