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I was not sure where I could post this, hopefully we picked the best forum, since it includes rare and exotic fruiting plants!!

I have built an amazing permaculture property over the last 7 years, that I hoped to reside in forever. Unfortunately, family obligations has forced me to move away from AZ and leave this amazing lush tropical jungle, which includes over 20 perennial fruits, nuts, berries, and herbs. This is a localvore oasis unrivaled by any other property I have seen in the valley of the sun. Please take a look and forward to anyone you may know that is interested in an urban farm/orchard property. thank you for your time.,12,1

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Hi Mike,

Has this property sold? Where is it located, approximately? What is the MLS number? (Ur link did not work for me :/ )

Feel free to email me directly tootsaz@gmail. Looking forward to hearing from you!



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