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Permaculture & Politics


Permaculture & Politics

If you enjoy political discussion on topics pertaining to Permaculture - this is the group for you!

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--This site IS NOT a "political activism" site.
--EXPECT differing opinions and don't be surprised when not everyone agrees with you. Such is the way of politics.
--This Group may or may not work long term but we won't know until we try.

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Discussion Forum

New ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Gives Monsanto Power Over US Government 1 Reply


Started by Doris. Last reply by Ericka Mar 14, 2013.

Hearing Feb 11 with the EPA over "job killing EPA regulations and increased energy cost"

You can watch the hearing on Senate TV channel Monday afternoon.The timing is still up in the air because they start the hearing as soon as the Senators get off the afternoon floor session. So…Continue

Started by Doris Feb 10, 2013.

Bee Die Off-Bayer and Monsanto connection 8 Replies

I ran across this article the other day: hope the link works.I…Continue

Tags: pesticide, bayer, monsanto, bee

Started by Ericka. Last reply by Ericka Feb 5, 2013.

Tour de Coops and Permaculture & Politics Group

Call for Coops and an invitation for Permaculture & Politics Group to have a presence at one of the coops! The tour is educational as well as fun, and we want to expose the group to a large…Continue

Started by Matthew Newton May 11, 2012.

Hey yall! Please contact us and get us on board with some forum action! Rain Forest Action!

We have some things we want to share too!Rain Forests need our love and help!We need people to share who care!Continue

Started by Farming and Garden Friends Feb 12, 2012.

2012 Farm Bill 2 Replies

Has anyone heard of the new Farm Bill being pushed through congress right now?

Started by Debbie Fishell. Last reply by Jennifer Nov 6, 2011.

Watching the skys? 2 Replies

I imagine most people here have heard or seen of chem trails. Most probably say that it's junk and conspiracy theory stuff. However, I wanted to post this video to poll some opinions and check with…Continue

Started by ronbravo. Last reply by terry stecklein Mar 17, 2011.

nuclear politics Japan, chernobyl! Radioactivty to come here?

 It is important in this day to understand the effects of chernobyl and the cover-up of it. See distinguished New York Academy of Science book no one knows about on this below! Some good news is for…Continue

Started by terry stecklein Mar 17, 2011.

Demolition Plans for Paolo Soleri Amphitheater in Santa Fe 1 Reply

Just got this press release from the Cosanti Foundation:Cosanti Foundation Reacts to Demolition Plans for Paolo Soleri Amphitheater in Santa FeArchitect Paolo Soleri hopes to find alternatives to…Continue

Tags: Paolo Soleri, Santa Fe, Amphitheater, Demolition

Started by Ericka. Last reply by Rob Jun 12, 2010.

Citizen Lobbying 5 Replies

Greetings Friends,I attended a workshop tonight on Citizen Lobbying presented by the Phoenix Green Chamber of Commerce. I was surprised to find out that it is possible for any private citizen or…Continue

Tags: lobbying, citizen, legislators, state

Started by TERRI LARSEN. Last reply by TERRI LARSEN May 11, 2010.

The Power Of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil 3 Replies

I just saw this movie on the web the other day. I thought it was great and applies a lot to what people are trying to do within this group.…Continue

Tags: Permaculture, Peak Oil, Cuba

Started by John McSheffrey. Last reply by Earh Garden Apr 6, 2010.

Money Sharing - Can it work Here? 2 Replies

Migrants using money sharing in hard timesby Daniel González - May. 29, 2009 12:00 AMThe Arizona RepublicBlanca Cordero fell and injured her back this year, putting her out of work for four months.…Continue

Tags: currency, alternative, open, sharing, money

Started by TERRI LARSEN. Last reply by Earh Garden Apr 5, 2010.

Save Coal River Mountain Ralley

From the Rainforest Action Network:Dear Friends,It's only a few short days before we need you to stand with us to save Coal River Mountain. Please come and join hundreds of Coal River Valley…Continue

Tags: energy, clean, wind, ralley, coal

Started by Ericka Dec 3, 2009.

US Chamber of Commerce Had Changed Its Stance on Climate Change! 1 Reply

The Yes Men Pull Off Prank Claiming US Chamber of Commerce Had Changed Its Stance on Climate ChangeThe business community got a shock on Monday when its leading advocacy group appeared to make a…Continue

Tags: yes men, commerce, climate

Started by Ericka. Last reply by Rob Oct 24, 2009.

World Forestry Congress?

I get updates from the Frankentrees group, this is a blog post regarding the "World Forestry Congress." It is not just about GMO food anymore! Do we want a GMO PLANET? ~ErickaWorld Forestry Congress…Continue

Tags: plantations, trees, GMO

Started by Ericka Oct 21, 2009.

The Future of Food 1 Reply

If you subscribe to Dish Network ( which is far superior to Cox and Direct TV with their programming, check the channels 9400 through 9415 for intelligent programs.) Free Speech TV 9415 is running a…Continue

Started by Chris Allsopp. Last reply by Chris Allsopp Oct 2, 2009.

Organic Consumers Association

A few months ago I signed up for the online newsletter from the Organic Consumers Association and have found it to be very informative. For anyone who likes to mix their gardening with their politics…Continue

Started by Chris Allsopp Sep 22, 2009.

May Day 2009 do you know where your comrades are at? 1 Reply

Happy International Workers Day. I include The United States of America not officially recognizing this wonderful day as more evidence that our Gov. tries to manipulate our mass consiousness.Don't be…Continue

Started by Charles Calbom. Last reply by Charles Calbom May 1, 2009.

LOOK TO EVO 2 Replies

Are we all aware of Evo Morales and the Movement to Socialism party in Bolivia? The agrarian reforms in Cuba nessesitated by the cessation of Soviet oil imports in the 90's? The community involved…Continue

Started by Charles Calbom. Last reply by Andrew Martin Schreiber Apr 28, 2009.

futility 4 Replies

Friends it is tough to shout into the wilderness. I only spoke at the park one time. I talked to a couple of people, but my overall feeling was futility. Besides with the events of the past few…Continue

Started by Charles Calbom. Last reply by Kenny Apr 17, 2009.


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