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N Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree Permies


N Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree Permies

A place for the far NE Valley Permies to share ideas and resources.

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Discussion Forum

Anyone had success growing squash in large containers? 2 Replies

I square foot garden which has worked great for me except for squash. This year I would like to try raising squash in large containers so they don't take over the whole yard. Has anyone had success…Continue

Started by Beth Kramer. Last reply by ali Nov 22, 2015.

hugelkultur 10 Replies

Hi, I was wondering if any one has experience with the hugelkultur beds. I would like to make a small one in my front yard not six feet tall but maybe 3 or 4 feet. also, does anyone recommend…Continue

Started by Maynhia Stott. Last reply by Tod Nissle Sep 29, 2015.

permaculture videos 1 Reply

I'm surprise that there are no good videos on youtube of a permaculture garden in Arizona. It would be nice to see how this is working with the soil and vegetation here. Continue

Started by Maynhia Stott. Last reply by Tod Nissle Sep 29, 2015.

Working with our Alzheimers Community

Our Master Gardener Amy is putting together a diggen in the dirt program for Alzheimer clients at Horses Help. If you would like to get in on planning let me know.Continue

Started by Gregg Goodman Jul 16, 2014.

Sapindus saponaria var. drummondii / western soapberry or sapindus mukorossi

Sorry for asking so much questions lately but is anyone familiar with soapberry? I'm finding that even in trying to make my own soap I'm still using castile oil or Lye and I was searching for a more…Continue

Started by Maynhia Stott Jan 10, 2014.

new and eager to learn 2 Replies

Hello Everyone, I'm so glad I found this group! I'm totally new to permaculture... and gardening for a matter of fact. Not because I didn't have the opportunities but because I was blind and didn't…Continue

Started by Maynhia Stott. Last reply by Maynhia Stott Dec 31, 2013.

Does anyone in the north know anything about milling mesquite beans 4 Replies

I,m wondering about mesquite beans

Started by barbara nimmo. Last reply by Helen U Aug 2, 2013.

Tour de Coops and all you Permies up there! 2 Replies

Call for Coops and an invitation for North Scottsdale, Cave Creekc Carefree Permies Group to have a presence at one of the coops! The tour is educational as well as fun, and we want to expose the…Continue

Started by Matthew Newton. Last reply by Matthew Newton May 13, 2012.

Meet up at our space over tea

Hello, We are new to this community but would like to have meet ups over tea to get to know each sub group and the community as a whole. Please contact us with ideas or info that may help us to serve…Continue

Tags: meetup

Started by Farming and Garden Friends Jan 30, 2012.

Mint, Anyone? 4 Replies

I'd like to take advantage of the evaporative drip of my air conditioner by building a small, raised bed under it and planting something like mint. Does anyone have any experience with particular…Continue

Started by Ted Meils. Last reply by Ted Meils Sep 18, 2011.

mesquite beans - milling

I am collecting mequite beans and would like to know if anyone has put them in a vitamix dry container to make flour?  Also, where is the closest mill?

Started by jaimee corbet Jul 8, 2011.

Raised Garden Beds Keep Veggies Above the Rodents 11 Replies

I've been searching for a way to actually GET vegetables from my garden. Have been sharing too much with the rodents! I live 1/4 mile s. of Carefree Hwy. in the middle of ground squirrel land. So I…Continue

Tags: rodents, raised bed

Started by Nancy Caroli. Last reply by Kathleen Jun 28, 2011.

raw foods potluck north scottsdale? 6 Replies

would anyone out there like to get together for a raw foods potluck? i could look for a space in north scottsdale.......i could do a demo...........and share my experience with solar…Continue

Started by Ariane. Last reply by Peggy Apr 18, 2011.

Playing with garlic 11 Replies

I planted some organic garlic cloves in one section of my raised bed garden.  Something is digging them up during the night.  The cloves are in tact with the sprouts on the top and the roots on the…Continue

Started by Gail Johnson. Last reply by Denise Lindow Feb 22, 2011.

This year's home tours 3 Replies

Hi All,Diann Peart and I are the official chairs of this year's home tour schedule and we're thinking about changing the focus just a little.  We'd like to begin touring homes/gardens that have some…Continue

Started by Denise Lindow. Last reply by Denise Lindow Nov 8, 2010.

The Bucket Garden

Hey people of the NE Valley, Anyone interested in seeing The Bucket Garden installed in person??  Join us On Sat 10/30 at noon for my installation. Come help or just come watch and ask questions. I…Continue

Started by kay wunderlich Oct 26, 2010.

Avocado Trees 5 Replies

Has anyone out there had any experience with growing avocado trees?I've had varying information from nurseries.Thanks!Continue

Started by Gwen Hogan. Last reply by Denise Lindow Mar 2, 2010.

Natural Window Cleaner Works Great As Ant Killer 2 Replies

Great to meet members of our Permie group last night at Greg Peterson's Fruit Tree talk at C4 in Cave Creek! We had a total of 11 gardeners in the class. I mentioned a natural glass cleaner that I…Continue

Tags: Class, Tree, Fruit, Killer, Ant

Started by Nancy Caroli. Last reply by Nancy Caroli Oct 21, 2009.

Fruit trees from PPG Fruit Tree program are awesome 2 Replies

This evening I had a chance to see the fruit trees that my friend, Theresa Rigney planted last year from the PPG's fruit tree program. What beauties! The peach trees are very full and about 7 feet…Continue

Started by Nancy Caroli. Last reply by Nancy Caroli Oct 9, 2009.

Live near Union hills and Cave Creek Rd 1 Reply

I would like to find a group near me you sound like the closest.TreasaContinue

Started by Treasa. Last reply by Nick Sep 20, 2009.


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