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Hi everyone, I just happened to read an article on mesquite flour and am very intrigued. I was wondering if you can tell me where I can buy some local flour or if any of you to are selling some? thx

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I hope someone else has better sources... but I know you can by one at the NATIVE SEEDS store down in Tucson.  

You can also buy a bag of it from Whole Foods... I did this once and really didn't like the flavor- couldn't find a good way to use it.

Anyone else have experience with the Whole Foods one, or good success with any other local producers?


I have not tried the Whole Foods one. But I do know that most commercially available mesquite flour originates from South America, and thus, uses South American mesquites. Many people find the flour made from them to have a less sweet, somewhat chalky flavor, compared to flour made from honeys, velvets, and the like.

I just checked on the Desert Harvesters site, and Skeleton Creek sells several varieties on local mesquite flour online, if that's an option:

I could probably part with some of mine. Friend me and send me a message, and we can talk.


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