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The VPA Seed Library has seeds to share of edible desert plants, vegetables, herbals, ornamentals and many others.  Come check out our collection.  We'd love to have some of your saved seeds  to increase our variety of desert adapted edibles.  It's free!  Come make a swap. You'll be glad you did!

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When can we start and where ??

The seed library is housed at the VPA office.  1122 E. Washington St, Phoenix, 85034.  It will be there M-F 9-5. go to for digital list of seeds we have and obviously those that aren't there, we would love to have.  Email me at for more info on seed saving, sharing and swapping.

The digital seed catalog is awesome!!!  This is very helpful!!!

Thank you Peggy from all of us.  It's a work in progress but too cool to keep secret.  Thank you for your seeds and support. 

You're welcome.  I plan to bring more soon.  

You're right, we need to spread the word;  I posted it on Facebook.

Thanks to everyone who worked on this project!


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