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Anyone know of a calendar that lists what available crops are ripe when in the Valley? I mean items that one would possibly find growing in a public place, or perhaps from an overhanging branch.

Something like this (I just estimated the dates - feel free to correct me and add stuff!)

[ List removed - see attached PDF ]

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oohh....i like your idea here and wold love to have a copy as people add to this. my fig - a Peter's Honey - bore fruit in july see here and according to others in this group, i will have (and it looks like it) another crop in september or october.

i believe apples are september and october.
peaches are may :-)
I was mainly thinking of this as a foraging guide. I've had my eyes peeled wherever I go, mentally-noting what fruits I see. But as a n00b-forager, I've run into problems.

For instance, I read about making nocino from green walnuts. When I found a bunch in Oak Creek Canyon, I gathered all I could. When I tried to cut them up, the nut in the center was rock hard. Apparently they need to be gathered in early Summer, when the nut is still soft.

In fact, if people get a lot of use out the Valley version, I don't see why a Northern Arizona version wouldn't be a nice addition. Things like wild blackberries, lambs quarters, fiddleheads, and such could be on that one.

Anyway, if I ever manage to gather enough of anything to actually make something, I'd be happy to add some pics and recipes. I do have about a quart of figs that I'm taking with me when I see my mom in Santa Fe. She's been dying to make goat cheese stuff figs, wrapped in prosciutto.
I have had black walnuts before...we had to break the shell with a hammer on a piece of metal.
Indeedie. Black walnuts are good. Green walnuts are good. It's the in-betweens that are not so good.
now i'm into the goat cheese stuffed figs wrapped in prosciutto....i'm drooling...

i so want goats in my scottsdale hoa...think i could? just kidding....back in the day, i used to raise dairy goats and long to have a few day...ahhh...
Ooh and I forgot to mention that you grill the figs after stuffing them - vital step! Here's a pic from last time we made them. Unfortunately, they didn't last long enough to get an "after" pic:

awesome!!!!! thanks for the pics...i'm def a visual learner
oh but Chris....the torte is, after the peach cobbler...then the torte :-)....i actually froze one for a month -pulled it out the other day...and it was AWESOME......

enjoy your baking! lylah
Thanks for the additions! I'll add them.
Aug. 26, 2009

Dear Lylah,

My name is Sarah and my hubby and I are about to start the Permaculture certificaion class. I've seen and enjoyed your comments on the p-culture site, so decided to ask you a question or two.

Is the taste of your Peter's Honey fig as divine as my favorite desert landscaping author, Scott Calhoun, says that it is? What other figs and fruit and citrus trees and bushes do you have, and what do you think of each? We just planted 9 citrus and 2 pomegranates in early summer, so we don't have much info to share about our
choices yet.

Thank you for the ifo. sweet of you to ask.....this fig is the only fig we've grown and i've fallen in love with. i think we got "her" at bakers nursery and she drips like honey :-)

we have a peach tree - should bear fruit next may and in the beginning of the year we planted an apple - no fruit yet. we also have an orange, lemon and grapefruit - all of which should be giving fruit soon...hopefully. and, we have a pomegranate - young one too - got 2 fruit this years should be better....
i had written down a similar list, but hadn't thought to share it online.

pecans (winter)
figs (july-aug)
citrus (winter)
pomegranates (late fall/winter)
goosefoot/lamb's quarters (spring)
amaranth (summer)
prickly pear/nopales/nopalitos
prickly pear cactus fruit
cholla fruit
mesquite pods (june/july)
lycee berries (spring)
malva neglecta (winter/spring)
carob (early summer)
russian thistle/tumbleweed (spring?)
wild mustard, london rocket (spring)
jojoba nuts (early summer?)


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