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Hi, I'm trying to find a source or a spot to aquire some native grasses. like az fescue,blue gama, cotton top. Reason being I want to plant a non irrigated pasture to replace an irrigated one. Native seed search has them but there expensive if I could forage or borrow some I'd rather. Even a small amount and save the seed. If anyone has info to share I would love you forever ;-) thank you wonderful people !

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Ooooo, yes us to... We have duck's & chickens that would love to eat the clipping's.. Keep us posted if you find some.. I will look as well.. We are getting ready to plant grass after construction ..

Fyi Only, You can find some natives grasses at Desert Survivors Nursery in Tucson as a backup plan, though sounds like you hope to source something cheap or only seed...

Yes exactly preferably from a seed library or forage. We are going to prepare a small plot then scale up to full pasture. Then start reducing irrigation and see what happens. Hoping to put the hurt on mr bermuda grass
Thank you Jeff I've never heard of that nursery. I'm betting they have a bunch of things i'd like to experiment with.
Oh, very nice. . I will plan a trip there. Thanks for the info. .

You could probably throw in a variety of seeds; right off hand I'm thinking sweet clover.  

We actually have. Also we have Timothy, alfalfa, rye. Also I planted a 4x10 sunken bed of 40 different veggie seeds then let them go to seed. veggies,herbs,flowers.
We have a riding ring that we want to return to pasture also we want to reduce irrigation. I don't think those other varieties are gonna be to find of less water.


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