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I live near a street that has older fruiting olive trees. I have harvested for curing but would love to take some to the Queen Creek Olive mill to be processed for oil. The problem is the Mill requires a true cooperative amount of 300 pounds or about 10, 5 gallon buckets full. That is an amount I don't think my street can meet. Has there ever been a VPA event similar to the mesquite milling that calls on the members to meet in October at the mill with their freshly harvested olives? This year was a great fruiting year but it may be too late to arrange a large enough turn out this year but certainly in the future this would be a great event. Considering the amount of olives needed to get them milled it needs a valley-wide group effort. I sure would love to participate in that. Has it ever been done or considered?

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Hi Kim,

Did you ever get an answer on this question of milling olives?  When I toured the QCOM years ago, they told me it's shipped to California to be bottled and then shipped back... I was very disappointed.  Hopefully they can get everything done locally now, but I haven't toured since then.  How much were they going to charge to press 300 pounds?

Anyway, I found an interesting blog on the subject:


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