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Hi All,

Does anyone have any tips on removing thorns from Chain fruit cholla buds?  Any recipes?




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I was told once in a foraging class to burn them off
Hi Treasa,
Thanks for the info! I found a refference to people using a box made of 1/4" mesh hardwear cloth wide enough to sweep in with a straw broom. Placing the buds in this box and sweeping them about removes the thorns. We did it with expanded lath and a broom--it worked great! We did find that fruits, even very young (i.e. bloomed yesterday) are totally NOT worth picking and eating. A test with a group of friends found us all in agreement that the taste and texture was no good in the post-bloom fruits, but is very pleasant in the buds yet to flower.
The buds do not have tough skin with the goo and don't have the bitter flavor in the fruits.


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