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Hey VPA!!! I need some help completing a modest city lot with large ambitions!

I have contoured a flat lot with peripheral berms and internal swales to catch and hold rainwater on the property. I have semiannually sort of beaten back the weeds and goatheads, countering with landscape paper and cardboard.

But I am stymied at this point, realizing at last that injuries and excesses of my youth are chickens that have come home to roost in my golden years. I am no longer 32 except in my wild and youthful imagination—which persists in spite of uncooperative and sometimes rebellious body parts.

I am in, fact, pushing 70 and I am sore in places I never knew I HAD back when I WAS 32 !!

I need the spaghettis hooked up, the lines buried and the timers programmed on my irrigation.

I need the swales tended and papered or cardboarded and rock-lined.

I need a couple bridges over swales to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs.

I need my walkways paved with the bricks I pulled up last year from someone else’s re-do.

I have rose cuttings that need TLC and potting or planting.

I have a lovely plan for an herb garden; the “moat” is cut, but the garden still isn’t in.


I am on a fixed income, but willing to cropshare or barter.

Or if you have a service and are willing to piecemeal my plan and take payments, contact me with references, resume and photos of your work, to make an appointment.

Or, if you do and teach some of this stuff, and need a demonstration yard, call me, PM /FB or email me through VPA. Mine is prime!

I will also be replacing my roof, and then will need guttering and collection for monsoons and winter rains… Happy to plan ahead for a class here when the new roof goes on.

Who will join me?

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Martha, post your general location so folks can determine if they are near enough to assist you.

7th Street and Grovers--Moon Valley/Deer Valley

thanks, Catherine--Good point.


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