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Native & Perennial Foods


Native & Perennial Foods

Wild/native food gathering group focused on mesquite bean harvesting & other wild foods. Growing, harvesting and breeding edible perennial plants suitable for Phoenix to supply fruit, veggies and greens with minimal maintenance are also of interest.

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Discussion Forum

Where to locate sugar cane in the home garden 22 Replies

Hello Permies!I'm planing on putting in some sugar cane someplace in the garden and I'm not sure where the best place to plant it is.  Everywhere I read is says to plant sugar cane in full sun but we…Continue

Started by Silvia Messmer. Last reply by Liz & Dan May 27, 2017.

In search of native grasses 8 Replies

Hi, I'm trying to find a source or a spot to aquire some native grasses. like az fescue,blue gama, cotton top. Reason being I want to plant a non irrigated pasture to replace an irrigated one. Native…Continue

Started by chris trammell. Last reply by chris trammell Sep 8, 2015.

Am Running out of steam on my edible desert yard project 3 Replies

Hey VPA!!! I need some help completing a modest city lot with large ambitions!I have contoured a flat lot with peripheral berms and internal swales to catch and hold rainwater on the property. I have…Continue

Started by Martha Bayer Harvey. Last reply by Martha Bayer Harvey Jul 23, 2015.

Mesquite tree source 13 Replies

Does anyone know of a source of native mesquite trees in the east valley? I am looking for a Honey Mesquite so I can harvest the beans, and also so it won't fall over during a storm (hopefully).Continue

Started by Tracey Chacon. Last reply by Kate Radosevic May 22, 2015.


Looking for just 4 +/- reasonably affordable straw bales (organic "preferably" but not required) to purchase at this late winter time of year.   I live in Tempe.As a secondary item, may be looking…Continue

Started by Jeff Adams Feb 18, 2015.

info on Edible wild foods of the sonoran desert 2 Replies

  I am looking for nutritional info on Palo Verde tree seeds and flowers, also mesquite trees, also what is edible on desert willow and devils claw and other plants etc. of the Sonora desert in…Continue

Started by Shamar sherburne. Last reply by DePhane Marcelle Nov 10, 2014.

ISO Sonoran passion vine seeds 3 Replies

Does anyone have seeds from a Sonoran passion vine?  Or a vine I could get cuttings from?Continue

Started by Silvia Messmer. Last reply by Silvia Messmer Oct 27, 2014.

How can we get a group event for milling olives started? 1 Reply

I live near a street that has older fruiting olive trees. I have harvested for curing but would love to take some to the Queen Creek Olive mill to be processed for oil. The problem is the Mill…Continue

Tags: group, event, milling, oil, curing

Started by Kim. Last reply by Liz & Dan Oct 7, 2014.

Mesquite Tree Harvest - Scouting Locations Now!

Hey everyone, VPA is currently looking for mesquite trees for a bean harvesting event.  If you have mesquite trees with ripe beans still on the trees or know of locations that might be good for…Continue

Started by Van Patterson Jul 2, 2014.

Growing Chayote (Vegetable Pears): Dine Like An Aztec (Mother Earth News Article) 4 Replies

Growing Chayote (Vegetable Pears): Dine Like An AztecLearn how to grow chayote, a delicious and versatile Mexican staple, including chayote recipes.From Mother Earth News November/December 1980…Continue

Started by Liz & Dan. Last reply by Liz & Dan Jan 23, 2014.

where to buy mesquite flour 4 Replies

Hi everyone, I just happened to read an article on mesquite flour and am very intrigued. I was wondering if you can tell me where I can buy some local flour or if any of you to are selling some? thxContinue

Started by Maynhia Stott. Last reply by grrlscout Jan 9, 2014.

Monsoon planting 1 Reply

monsoon season is a good time for planting. try devil's claw, gourds, sorghum, basil, panic grass, corn, squash, beans and chiles. my I'itoi shallots are re-sprouting from their dormant stage too.…Continue

Started by mark dugan. Last reply by Maynhia Stott Jan 8, 2014.

Seeking local growers to participate in new Tempe Farmers Market 3 Replies

New Farmers Market opening in Tempe seeks backyard growers, master gardeners and small-scale producers!  The Market is a program of the Tempe Community Action Agency, and will operate Saturday…Continue

Tags: Foods, Kids, Gardens, Foraged, Produce

Started by Chip Satterlund. Last reply by Jenna W Dec 4, 2013.

I need carob and mesquite pods for the milling this weekend?

does anyone have a tree i can come by and pick some for the milling this weekend? carob and/or mesquite?i trimmed my mesquite tree in the Spring and hardly got any pods for the first time, bummer,…Continue

Started by Ariane Nov 15, 2013.

Food Day fair at Phoenix College?

I am organizing a Food Day fair at Phoenix College on October 24. I'm looking for community members doing interesting things who would be willing to host an informative or interactive table. This is…Continue

Started by Liz O'Brien Oct 2, 2013.

Seeds to plant of Edible Desert Plants 5 Replies

The VPA Seed Library has seeds to share of edible desert plants, vegetables, herbals, ornamentals and many others.  Come check out our collection.  We'd love to have some of your saved seeds  to…Continue

Started by kathy Thompson Hill. Last reply by Peggy Sorensen Sep 14, 2013.

Join the NEW Edible Desert Committee at the VPA!!!

Join the NEW Edible Desert Committee at the VPA!!! Help plan and run some of the core events that Valley Permaculture Alliance offers, including the annual fruit tree sale, mesquite milling and the…Continue

Started by Class Coordinator May 9, 2013.

Mesquite and planting edibles 3 Replies

Has anyone had any luck at growing edibles under mesquite tree? If so, what? I'm looking at possibly adding a mesquite on the west side of my chicken coop. I have a passion fruit vine trailing up it…Continue

Started by Caren Malleck. Last reply by Liz & Dan Jan 7, 2013.

Bermuda Grass as Ayurvedic Herb - article by Deborah Brandt 2 Replies

Please check out the original article at:…Continue

Tags: grass, bermuda

Started by Liz & Dan. Last reply by Erica D Aug 10, 2012.

Canyon Grape (Vitis arizonica) 5 Replies

I'm wondering if anyone has experience growing this grape in the outlying areas of the Valley? I'm at just over 2000' elevation and wonder how I might get this plant, perhaps a cutting or seed. But I…Continue

Started by Kathleen. Last reply by Trevor Ray Jun 16, 2012.


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