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This showed up on facebook via Bee Oasis and I thought it was such a good idea I thought I would post here.

Chia seeds gel this refrigerator jam.  Chia is a plant native to Arizona :-)

The creator of the recipe notes she had in mind refined sugar when she made the recipe and photo, so that is why it shows up as sugar-free (it calls for honey).

Maybe add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the mix for added preservative value.

Keeps 7-10 days in the frig, can be frozen.

    • 1 + 1/3 cup strawberries - raw
    • 2/3 cup rhubarb - raw
    • 2 T raw honey (or to taste)
    • 2 T chia seeds
    • Add additional diced fruit if you like it chunky.
    • Any fruit combination to make 2 cups of fruit can be used. Frozen fruit can also be used. Add lemon juice if you like (1 tablespoon) as an additional preservative.

    Process all in blender or food processor.

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 I wonder if chia and prickly pear would be good together...? Since the prickly pear fruit is so juicy the chia might just gel it up.

this sounds great. thanks for posting. :)

Hi Hassena, I think that would work - you probably would need to increase the amount of chia to get it to gel to the right spreadable level.

This Allrecipes recipe suggests 1/3 cup of chia to 2 cups of liquid.  I think that sounds about right where there is no pulp to assist in thickening.

Whew !  Is it still hot out...c'mon gardening season !...getting anxious & ready to plant here :)   Nice article & website should write a local, native herbal cookbook--and assemble all these great posts--Catherine, with your background & knowledge !

It is certainly still hot but I think we can look forward to cooler nights and day time temps by the end of the month - mostly :-)

Thanks for the thought Jeff.  Not sure if I'm the best native edible expert, as Jean Groen has been doing just that for a couple of decades, but I appreciate the confidence :-)


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