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My 4 yr old daughter loves the entire process of planting to harvest, however I am not having much luck in my garden.  We homeschool, so if there is an opportunity for us to help, please let me know.  We do not have many time barriers; just realize little hands can't do heavy chores.  Thank you for your time.

Amy K.

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Replies to This Discussion is another NFP, which seeks to connect gardening with schooling (education); genuine folks, contact them, sincerely, cynthia anderson-bennekaa

Thank you Cynthia.  I look into it. Amy

Hey, Amy. As I said in my reply to your interest in the PDC, I am happy to have you and your daughter over to my home and/or community garden plot. That might provide at least a jumping off point... :)

Hi Amy,

Your name sounds familiar. Have you made contact with the West Valley Homeschoolers at all? I run that group and I thik I've come across you before=)

I'm hosting a square foot gardening box class for kids at my home on Oct. 5th. It sounds like it would be helpful for you and your family. If you'd like more info please give me a call, 303-921-8564 (my cell). The only catch is I live out in Buckeye, but not far off the 10. The bonus is that my dad will be there and he is training to be a master gardener. There will be a small materials fee but I can tell you more about the class and cost if/when you call!

Best, Michelle


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