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APB for Community Gardens!!

I am researching community gardens in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Do you know of a local community garden? Be it a church, school, non-profit, municipal or true local garden, I’d like to know about it.


Please send me:

Its name (if it has one),


and the name and contact info of its owner, manager, coordinator, etc.



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Hi Erik:  Arizona Homegrown Solutions used to maintain a map of community gardens - it is here: 

--Zoom in on the Phoenix area on the map

--Once you are zoomed in on Phoenix, use the key at the right of the map to turn OFF the blue and orange icons

--You'll be left with just the green icons.  Look for the icons that look like a heart with a flower inside it - these are all types of school, community, church and non-profit gardens.  Click the icon and you will see the name of the garden in large letters.  The address is up in the upper right corner.  If there is additional information on the garden, there is text explaining it or links.

This map is old and outdated but some of the gardens are bound to still exist.  I thought there was a more up-to-date one somewhere but am not finding it.

You can go to then do a search on phoenix arizona and it will give you a list of all the community gardens in the valley.

Thanks to everyone for their quick responses! 

Scottsdale Community Garden Club

There is another one in S. Scottsdale that just opened up at a church off of Hayden Rd. near Oak too.

The site is not very up to date, BTW.

Jennifer's Green Map link is much more accurate.


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