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Hi all, I have a local tree service comany and i am looking to aid any gardening projects with large loads of mulch. Call or email if your interested. Free mulch and delivery.
480-274-8953. Dan (:

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Dan! I want some!! I am gone for the next few days, but I am for sure interested and will call you the beginning of the week. Good? Thanks so much. :)

!!!! Calling now!!!! Yes, please!

I beat you to the punch, Laura. ;) Hee hee! Teasing. Sounds like there is a lot to go around, which is awesome! Thanks again, Dan!

thanks for looking out. and thanks, Dan... we've got heaps of room that need the help.

I typicaly get one or two loads of mulch per week. And is available based on the location of the valley im working in when I have need to deliver. I will keep a list of names, location for delivery and contact info. And I will call and deliver when in your area. Thanks again

Hi Dan--I run a school garden near Northern and 35th Avenue..Would love a load-- (You are sooooo kind to offer)  I'll call or email soon about a good delivery day but off the top a Friday would work... THANKS  Margot  PS Might have small tree trim job (olive and lemon) in Central Phx too--:)

Can anyone refer me to a reliable organic matter, or soil test lab to get an analysis of some chicken manure?  Thanks, Cynthia Anderson-Bennekaa


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