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1.  I've rooted a tomato plant in an upright container (indoors-south facing window), but would like to transplant it to a hanging container (outdoors- same south facing window, so the roots are ABOVE the green and fruits).  I've never done it before and just wanted some advice on whether it is advisable.  I have sprouted a Nichol's tomato, and would rather see it live than play around with potting ideas. 

Also, I'm concerned that maybe the south facing window might become too hot when summer rolls around.

2. I picked up cuttings for fig and spearmint at the seed swap (thanks to seed swap, btw).  Since I'm new to the Phoenix area, I was wondering if anyone has any advice on where to transplant them to.  Pots, Full shade, Full sun? 

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Hi Angie,

I don't think people saw your post here in the Central Phoenix Permies group section.  I would try posting this to one of the forums next time.  On another note, containers are very difficult here in the summer.  My success with containers has indicated that you need very large sizes as the first 4 -6 inches get hot enough to kill roots.  If your pot is only 12" wide, you can see the problem with growing trying to use it in the summer.  My half wine barrels work well with an olla in them for summer plantings.  anything less than a 15 gallon container just isn't going to do well.

The container must, I repeat MUST, remain shaded.  Direct sun in the summer + any size container = baked plants.  I've used portable umbrellas to help shade my containers, but the most important thing is that I've put them all on wheels so I can move them to the shade for the summer.  In winter I can then easily roll them out to full sun again.

As for getting cuttings started, the mint you can just stick in straight water until you see roots and transplant to just about anywhere with a good supply of water and you'll be fine.  The figs are a little trickier but totally doable.  I've taken a good draining cactus mix potting soil and plastic water bottles with the tops cut off and holes punched for drainage and have a nice cutting going from our local awesome black mission fig.


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