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I have a whole front curbs' worth of orange California if anyone's interested in swapping seeds or other goodies.

I can swap seed pods or even splittings.  At 16th St/Indian School.

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We will have to stay in contact, we are pretty close together, I am off 16th St/E. Palm. I sent you a friend request.   What kind of seeds/stuff are you looking for?


Hi Grace :)  Looking forward to meeting you - that's a pretty neighborhood down there.  Any kind of seeds that'll work HA!  Looking to plant blackberries soon.  Love melons, beans, peas. You know - the work horse stuff.  And flowers (!)  I told  the family I want a Kumquat for Mother's Day.  I'll have to show you around the property so you can moan and it's current neglected state of condition HA!  I'll be done with school June, then move into my internship for a couple of months.  The bunching onions are wonderful right now and I pull some daily to go into the scrambled eggs. 

Hi Ann,

That sounds great.  Hehe my yard is neglected too.  Sounds like it will work out perfectly.  I will have orange daisies, cosmos, hollyhocks, sunflower, zinneas, snapdragons, marigolds, nasturtiums and pretty flowers that I don't know what they are, etc.  I should have some extra starter plants, I am trying to perfect my seed starting skills.  For veggies maybe zuchinni, spaghetti squash, artichokes,  herbs, maybe beans,etc.

My yard is one big experiment.  I want to start trading to save money and increase the variety of plants I have.

Talk to you soon,  Grace

I also have oodles of broccoli.  But come by anyway and snip off some pods!  1440 E Weldon. Just help yourself.  Happy gardening~

Hehe Ann,  You might see my happy self standing in your front yard tomorrow.  Do you have buy sausage from the sausage factory by your house.

Ann and JJ, I am slowly saving my seeds but I should have a bunch very soon to share.  I think it might be too hot to plant at the moment anyways.

Yes JJ, I would love some brocoli seeds.  We could trade them when I get my flower seeds collected.  Do you need any artichoke seeds?


Now...artichoke seeds...I might could do that!  And no, I haven't been to the sausage place yet.  But our neighborhood community association thingie had a hotdog burn sponsored by them.  So. Good.!!

ok, the artichokes are getting ready to bloom, so I will have plenty of seeds.  Do you have kids, the seed pod is fun, like a dandylion.

Aha, this is my first artichoke year....I also have chokes that I left on to bloom out.  a)are they perennial (I read they can survive the summer if cut back and left to its own devices) and b) do they need pollination?

At any rate - help yourself to the poppies!

Big hint, Last summer I cut them to the ground because I thought they were dead.  But I left them in the ground.  I did not give them any water.  Magically come September they all sprouted again.  Plus they grow exponentially, so leave a lot of room in the garden for the stalks to multiply.  Once the plants expand you can divide them.  I have also learned they have tap roots so you have to dig them up carefully to get the whole tap root.

I don't know if they need pollinators. I do know I have a big problem with my zuchinnis, cucumbers, etc. not fruiting this year.  I think I might have over did it with the layer planting and the pollinaters can not find the flowers.

Let me know what flower seeds you need.  Right now I am in love with my Bachelor Buttons, they seem to be very drought tolerant and add a lot of color to the yard.

Thanks for the poppy seeds!

Haha! I won't. I promise :)  Bring a shovel and pail - you can feel free to thin them out also.  Not sure how many seed heads are still on....I hope I don't have a front yard of poppies next year!

I will have plenty of artichoke seeds and flower seeds.   

I did not know Sprouts has seeds, are they are 28th St/Thomas? I will have to go down there.


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