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I have a ton (a grocery store paper sack) of Iris bulbs.  I don't have an area to plant them at this moment.  They are gorgeous come spring time.  They won't be blooming, more than likely, until Spring 2013.  Would anyone like them?  Various colors-yellow, brown and purple.  I live in the Central Phoenix area. 

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Hi Cassandra,  Where in central Phoenix?  I am in the Coronado area.

Thanks,  Grace

I live on Coronado Rd in Coronado District.  Private message me and I will send you my address or I can drop them off at your house...

Ok, I guess I have to send you a friend request before I can message you.  you can email me at  or send me a message on my facebook page.  under Grace Marie Newton

It worked, I sent you a message


I sent you a private a message with our address.  Glad you all can use them.  I hate to see them go to waste...



By chance do you have any more toes left?

Yes, I do. Would you like some?



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