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Hey all! I hope this is appropriate to post here. I didn't think about the permaculture society until my friend mentioned that I should post about my house here. I am selling my house, but am looking for someone of a like minded nature.
My house has a huge pergola in the backyard. It is laden with grapes - red flame seedless, white Thompson seedless, black concord (his name is Lazarus), perlette, black monukka, champagne, a couple more I can't remember! ..and room for at least one more ;). Most are 3-4 years old, and are producing enormous amounts of produce! Excellent juicing, eating, and jamming.
We also have a 12'x12' koi pond, fully stocked with koi and botanical life. The koi breed every year, and are extremely beautifully colored. Golds, reds, white, tri-colors. Many butterfly koi. I've tried to collect one of everything. The koi pond also has a 15' stream feeding into it that snakes through 1/3 of the back yard. It starts with a huge waterfall that was built over quartz crystal boulders, two smaller pools down from that, then the stream. There is a bridge over the stream.
The stream has a flower bed along one bank, which is chock full of day lilies, who generously flower for months on end! They are in full sun, many years old, and absolutely stunning! They are, again, every possible kind of hybrid assortment of colors and varieties as I could find.
Fruit!! There are so many fabulous fruit trees. There is a mature strawberry fig, producing figs all over. There is a DWARF black mission fig that's now reached about its full height of 7 feet or so. There is a dwarf nectarine, and a dwarf apricot. There is a dwarf 5-budded apple tree, and a dwarf 5-budded pear tree. All 5 varieties of pears, and all 5 varieties of apples are doing well!!! There is also an ice cream banana tree.
There are hydrangeas, columbine, and gardenias growing in the shade. The second patio is covered with sweet smelling jasmine. There are roses, gerberas, hollyhocks, wisteria... In years past we have grown every assortment of vegetables.

Ok, you get the point. If you're botanically inclined, there are few chances like this. So, the house...

3 bedroom (all well sized), 2 bath. Two living rooms. Skylights and beautiful tile throughout. Great book cases being left in the living room, and great storage throughout. We're leaving all stainless steel appliances. Ceiling fans, air conditioner AND a swamp cooler get you through the summers. The water heater was upgraded to a tankless gas unit. The roof is only 3 years old, and still under warranty. There is a side building that I used as my pottery / art studio. We took a lot of pride in our place. But, after almost a decade and a half, life is making us move on.

If you've read this far, perhaps you know someone who would fit in well with such a place. Although I know someone will come along, I'd like to also know that they're aligned with what this place has to offer. It IS more than a house. If the koi have to be taken by the AZ koi society, so be it, but is rather hedge my bet that someone who can appreciate all of this is out there, and will get to it first.

Here is the MlS link, and please feel free to email me with any questions or thoughts. If you can think of other places to spread the word, I would greatly appreciate it!,12,1


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Oh, I forgot to mention for those into herbs: the front has two varieties of lavender, and there is already rosemary growing by the back gate. Lots of space still for more!


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