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Can someone within this group please post a good local source for prep material? Or doesn everyone pretty much make their own from scratch? I am interested in building a biodynamic heap at the Poly Community Garden but don't know the first place to start looking for this mystical substance. Lol I keep finding sources in India and Australia, but amazingly not here in the states.

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What is pretty much happening locally is we are ordering them from Josephine Porter Institute. They make and sell all the compost preps, BD 500, 501 and barrel compost. Another source I have thought about checking out is Harald Hoven at Steiner College in CA. I am thinking that might be closer to local, because he is in Sacramento and JPI is in VA.
If you are interested, I would like to order with you. I need preps too.
We as a group would like to start making them as well and are looking into that. If you are interested in that as well, the Phoenix Biodynamic Group meets monthly to read the lectures and do practical work as well. The next meeting is at my house on March the 25th.
Give me a call, 480-756-2778, I would love to talk to you about it all.
Tami Staas
I'd like to do this again Tami (stirring of the BD500).It was a great pot-luck and had a smile on my face the whole time!! And this winter I really, truely think the soil was helped out.
You can pretty much count me in for this meeting. It kind of depends on when and where... I typically work 9-5:30 on Thursdays but can leave early if I go in early... AND well... I am also hoping your home lies along a trusty alternative transit route because I try to shun my car during the week and rely on my bike... I work for ASU so I can be either at the Tempe campus or Poly... Are you near either of those campuses?



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