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Okay, so it was down to 34 degrees F here last night (near Power & Brown, east Mesa), but with the clear sky and lots of moisture from the recent rain, we had frost on the roof and garden yet again this morning! Everything looks okay so far, since whatever can't take a light frost is long since history, although I am a little concerned about the newly planted tomatoes. We just didn't see it coming...


Anyone else out there wake up to the all too familiar icy white dusting this morning?

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We didn't have frost here in Tempe, but according to the Arizona Interactive Frost Map, that sounds about right for your neighborhood (cool tool, you can drill right down to your street to see when your average last frost is).
We live just south of you, and I was up after sunrise, no frost, but the ground was moist and plantlife crystaline, so must have missed it. Chickens love it, cats too, dogs not so much (two are sleeping in their kennel).The temp outside is wonderful, but I, too was concerned about my tomato transplants. They looked great and even healthier than they have, so do the peppers. When Kris told me the forecast a couple of days ago I said," Damn, I just transplanted the vines."
Ours look fine, though, and the cooler temps are making the winter garden perk up. We just got a bumper crop of new spinach. Not typical of an Arizona spring in March.
Leanne, That is a great interactive frost map! Looks like our area (and yes, I did zero in right on our street like you suggested!) has an average last frost March 21-31. You are right, this is to be expected. Thanks so much!
Our last frost at Apache Trails area in Mesa is April 10th. I just can't believe that! Leanne, how did you stumble accross this? Pretty neato.
I ran across it on another gardening forum, and thought it was pretty cool, so I bookmarked it.  I found  the range in dates just within the Valley fascinating.


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