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Where do you find them?  

Can they be grown in a large pot to keep it from spreading?

Full sun?

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I am sure they can be grown in a large pot.  It is hard to keep them from growing.

Sources: Tons of mail order.

Local: Baker's lists several...whether they have them (I haven't noticed).  If they have them I assume they are $24 apiece.

Contorted Jujube Jujube
GA-866 Jujube
Lang Jujube
Li Jujube on jujube Jujube
Sugar Cane


They only have Contorted (So), GA-866, and Li in stock -- at least as of last week.  GA-866 probably doesn't work well out here, unfortunately.  

I really haven't had a problem with the roots causing recruits to pop up all over the place, and I have four trees.  I think that's really more of a problem if you have a flood irrigated lot.  

do you have the li?

Do they grow in full sun?

I have Li, Sherwood (with Shanxi Li and Honeyjar grafts), So, and Sugar Cane.  All of them grow in full, blazing sun and are receiving basin irrigation.  Here are some shots of some of my trees.  One of the Lis and the Sherwood have been in the ground for 3 years from bare root and are pretty big.  My other trees were put in last year.

Sherwood and Li (background):

Li and Sugar Cane

the li and sherwood  are three years old, only? Have to say they are  huge for age, considering that they were planted bare root. 

I have been pretty aggressive on the nitrogen in the spring.  You should see my other trees...


I also want to ask that............. thanks for asking that

My neighbor's Li or Lang (whichever one kinda sucks--the "date" shaped one) sure does.  (flood irrigated land)

Interesting that root propagated trees (like their seed) don't breed true.

Lang sucks.  Sherwood sucks too.

really curious, what's wrong with sherwood? Is it the fruit quality or the low-production?

Production and quality.  Barely produces here in the Southwest and it's fairly bland unless completely brown (at which point it tastes like a drier Li).  It does better in the Southeast.  Some jujubes do better in other areas of the country than here.  Tigertooth and Honey Jar apparently do better in the East and are duds in the West; likewise, Sugar Cane does better here.  Li seems to do well anywhere.

thanks Andrew. Should have corresponded with you a month earlier, as it would have made me do a little more planning on where to plant the fifteen or so of different jujube varieties(as opposed to randomly). I am still hoping honey jar and sherwood would appreciate the higher elevation in las vegas, relative to phoenix, but admittedly, am resigned to expecting what you've experienced yourself. My only hope is for honey jar to do well enough here, as it is reported to perform  well  in the higher elevations in new mexico.

will be checking your photo albums now and then, to check on your jujube's growth ;)

is your shanxi li doing ok,  taste-wise and production-wise?


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