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As I write this, the National Weather Service--who has been abysmal this year in short term predicting the weather here--is projecting 39F low cloudless tomorrow morning at the airport.  Who knows what they will predict in 4 hours?

We have had a heck of a rain and cloud cover the past day.  If the cloud cover prevents the sun from heating us up today, and if the sky clears out of cloud cover and stay cleared all or most of the evening long tonight it may indeed get very cold tomorrow morning.  They are predicting winds out of the NNW tonight.  Again, if accurate that can drop the temp significantly.

Bottom line if you are in an outlying part of Maricopa Co. or in a cold accumulating section in town you may have frost on the ground tomorrow morning.  I would recommend covering sensitive evergreens. - geared to commercial growers but applicable information for home owner - great photos of freeze damage

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Thanks Powell!  I've moved some of my more tender potted plants to their more protected winter digs.  :)

47F low at airport at 7AM

Frost on my windshield and roof at my place (Arcadia area).

36.5F (NIST Traceable - 1 yr old) under patio (73% humidity) at 7:05AM at my place.

Yes, I also had a frost covered window on the car and roof.  My pomegranates leaves are turning yellow.  very pretty 'fall' colors are here!  Luckily my banana and moringas won't be joining the pomes in going yellow, at least not yet. :)

Be sure to wood chip at least 4" deep around the roots of the moringa, and wrap the trunk.  If you are fortunate it will die back to the trunk and come out from there.  Of course with moringa you can always just plant its replacement annually.

Those bananas always seem to be rather happy against your homes.

I looked around and only found two things, but in pots, to secure: A banana I hadn't planted and a lucuma that is unlikely to survive here anyway but I will let it try. 

NWS reported airport 45F this morning (Weds.) at 7AM.

Frost on windshield and roof again at my place.

38.7F outside (74% humidity) at 7:12AM at my place.

A cold front is again moving down from the north (Wednesday Nov 25).  Some areas of the valley may be hit with freezes and frost again for the next few nights.  It may not get past the rim. 

NWS: A winter storm will bring heavy snow to parts of the Intermountain West, Great Basin, and Central Rockies on Wednesday, impacting holiday travel across the region. Accumulating snow and ice are possible from the West Texas South Plains to the Upper Great Lakes on Thanksgiving Day into the weekend.

It could get windy too.

NWS reported airport 42F this morning (Fri.) at 7:13AM.

Frost on windshield and roof again at my place.

35.8F outside (66% humidity) at 7:15AM at my place.

You can see the cold air has penetrated the area from this cold wind chill map from 6AM our time (13Zulu):

Currently 44F at airport.  Projecting 35F tomorrow's low (Sunday morning).  That means the potential for a hard freeze for the next few days.  Presumably the leaves will fall significantly after that if not already on the ground. 

So this morning I am out putzing about in my t-shirt getting the trash ready for pickup and thinking it is definitely colder than the prior three mornings.  SOB when I look it is 31.1F (59% humidity) at 7:15AM.  First time below freezing this winter under the patio covering at my place. Reads 41F (50%) at the airport.

Yesterday it was 34.7F here (61%) and 42F at the airport around this time.  Didn't bother reporting it.  Low temps are supposed to start climbing tonight...but who knows with the weather service.  Certainly they don't.

You called it Powell.... I am never sure if I can trust my indoor/outdoor thermometer from Costco, but the last few nights it has given lows of 33/31/29 and my plants are showing it!

I did cover a couple plants and move a few others... good thing too, because the yellow bells (tecoma stans) are fried on top this morning, confirming the freeze.

Wish I could said I lived out in the boonies but nope ;) I also wish I could say that any of my trees had gone dormant yet. The figs are not going to be happy.

Today marks the start of higher lows and higher highs than the past week.  For those enclosing their plants in a frost protection shelter and leaving it sealed up for the winter one must be careful about it getting too hot inside in the early part and late of winter.  Not only can this be confusing to the evergreen plant that is trying to harden off and go dormant for the next couple of months it may be able to get rather hot inside in the daytime.  I probably would not worry unless it exceeds 105F but I do worry it can mess with the dormancy shift.


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