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Found this video on a friend's website. Very good stuff. My God, Mansonto is just evil and completely insane, however this lady sure knows how to resist them.


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OMG! Sunflowers that bees cannot take pollen and nectar from! How evil, pure evil.

What happening in India in a short time happened in the US back in 1940's, monocrops, chemicals (left over from the war) and machines. Debt was created by the use of machines over animals to do the field work, I can relate. Being from Iowa and my grandparents worked a farm for many years (leased, not owned) machinery and buying "seeds" was a huge burden of debt. A new fancy drill that my in-laws purchased for their wheat planting in Idaho bankrupted them. It's cost was huge, and it did not work properly. But there is no "satisfaction guarantee" from the ones who want to control the basics of life.

The Green Revolution-used by Monsanto and governments. Name a revolution where someone did not die? 200,000 suicides of farmers in India because it they are hopelessly in debt. Soil dead, seeds lost because of control. They use words to make things sound right, sound like the proper way to do things. We all must open our eyes to this.

Save your seeds and share them. Grow organically, free yourself and know that you are a powerful force of change.
Thanks for posting this ronbravo, Ericka
Great video.
great video
She has been one of my heroes for awhile, I discovered her and the group the "Bioneers" thanks to having satellite tv. I just listened to a program today on the radio and I mentioned it under the Regional, National, Worldwide, etc. Please read it under that heading. I feel the same way about Monsanto. A film that was mentioned by Jeffrey Smith is called "The World According To Monsanto" it is available to view online along with "Poison on the Platter".
A film called "The Future of Food" also deals with how Monsanto and other companies are trying to own life.
I just read an article that may be of interest to those trying to educate themselves on Monsanto, everyone should be aware of their practices. It was by Vandana Shiva titled "Harvest of Suicides" on the devastating effect that Monsanto has had on the cotton farmers in India. If you are not familiar with the story of Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser google his name vs. Monsanto and you will be horrified at what was done to this wonderful old farmer. The article I read today can be found on today 5/11/09 under the heading "views", always available under the archives if you don't get to it today.
I contributed to Percy's legal fund. I was very depressed when he lost.

The frightening thing about Percy's case is how easily that could be one of us.
For all you fans, you can see Vandana Shiva and a host of other earth-friendly folks on PBS this sunday 04/25. (Independent Lens - Dirt The Movie) They will likely replay the program a few more times this month so check out your tv guide. It was pretty awesome - go compost!

Central Phoenix
Just looked at this. I have noticed a change since the early 80s when I started gardening. I used to let my tomatoes drop and they came up again the next year in the same places. Now when seeds drop, you don't get the same plant exactly. You get a lesser quality. I have a ton of sunflowers and they are all the SAME! The seeds I planted 6 years ago were all DIFFERENT. I've been looking around lately for more heirloom off the beaten path seeds to plant. I used to harvest some seeds from my scarlet runner beans each year (seeds I got from my grandfather) to plant for a crop the next year. One year, my basement got wet and the seeds were ruined. I still mourn that loss.
The other day I was sitting in a waiting room and picked up a Fortune Magazine. The front cover shouted "Company of the Year - Monsanto!" I thought I was going to have a coronary reading that article.

I'm so glad that Vandana Shiva is out there. She's amazing and doing such important work. I was also very moved by Bill McDorman's ( presentation at the recent Living Green Conference. I bought his basic book and am starting the process of saving seeds. Would love to have the Fall Pot Luck and Seed Swap he talked about.

thanks for this video

I checked out her website some good information.

she's very inspiring even though she talking about such a disturbing topic

also has good info on this topic and monsanto

I have read quite a bit in the past couple of years about the methods Monsanto has used to take over agriculture here in the US. They've bankrupted numerous farmers who used to save their own seed but now must purchase their seed from Monsanto. Most of the seed saver equipment has been rendered useless except for a few (less than 6) owned by private parties. One of these owners was hiring himself out to farmers to save their seed but Monsanto got wind of it and took him to court and he lost everything. A handful of farmers are fighting back and purchasing non Monsanto seeds so now about 10% of our soy crops are non GM. We all need to be more aware and purchase only non GM products and send them a message.

What happened to the freedoms guaranteed in this country? What happened to freedom of choice?

I had no idea they were also forcing their way into foreign countries and using their criminal like tactics to drive the farmers into the ground. How can they get away with this?


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