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My husband and I own Arizona Hobby Farm in Gilbert which is an urban farm/homestead.  We have been growing a large portion of our family’s food and have raised 100% of our family’s meat and eggs for the past 4 years on our little piece of heaven in the middle of the city. We have also sold chicken and duck eggs, chicken meat, turkey meat, duck meat, fruit, veggies, and pecans that we have grown and raised to local customers in the area.  We’ve even had a successful farmstand right on our property!  We have found great joy in providing fresh, local food to our family, neighbors and our community.  Our dreams have grown bigger than our property can sustain and we have decided to relocate to the Missouri Ozarks where we can find more land and water, milder weather, and less restrictive small farm/homesteading laws.

However, it would give us great pleasure to know that our property would live on providing a sustainable lifestyle to another family or passionate urban farmer/homesteader.  Our property is right on Williams Field Rd in Gilbert halfway between Gilbert Rd and Lindsay Rd.  Here is the listing which includes 50 photos the house and property:

We have 1.2 acres of flood irrigated land right. This is what our property has to offer:

Mature Trees:

4 pecan

1 navel orange

1 extra-large kadota fig

3 tangerine

4 juice orange

1 date palm

6 mulberry

Young Trees:

2 apple (from Urban Farm fruit tree sale)

2 peach (from Urban Farm fruit tree sale)

1 apricot (from Urban Farm fruit tree sale)

1 plum (from Urban Farm fruit tree sale)

1 lemon (from Greenfield Citrus Nursery)

1 lime (from Greenfield Citrus Nursery)


50’ x 50’ no-till, fenced, “Back to Eden” style garden

4’ x 8’ established herb garden

Animal pens (total of 6 large animals pens with shelters):

Chicken coop with nesting boxes 

3 other poultry pens each with a small “barn”- we used them for ducks, turkeys, and broiler chickens

Animal pen for goats with 2 small shelters

Animal pen for pigs


Completely remodeled and refurbished ranch style home

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

1675 sq. ft main level

1400 sq.ft basement (includes 3 large rooms, very functional and livable)

2 car carport

Large covered back porch and covered front porch

Completely private and secured by fencing/block wall

Lots of storage

Upgraded 200 amp electrical panel

Other great features:

Graceland barn/shed/workshop (12’x32’)

Garden tool shed with exterior potting area

Flood irrigation (SRP)

Located on a County Island

RU-43 zoning which allow for all types of livestock and farm animals

Opportunity for a farmstand right on the property (Williams Field Rd)

2 portable storage carports

2 RV gates

TONS of shade

Lots of grassy areas for family or animals

We would be very grateful if you would pass on this information if you have someone in mind that might want to learn more about our property.  We hope to find a buyer who values a more sustainable life and who would enjoy a small piece of land to call their own.

Thanks so much!

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Sorry to read you are leaving.  But I am glad it is because you want to expand. Sorry to hear of your issues with the laws.

Good opportunity for someone---young family looking to be self sustaining and know there their food comes from . . . .


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