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I've had a tango mandarin planted for four years now -- it's the most lush of my citrus trees and puts out lots of lovely flowers each spring, but the fruit always immediately drops. With the cooler temps we had in May, I have several flowers appear late in the season, and I just noticed that I have two good-sized mandarins on it -- I'm so excited!  When do mandarins ripen in Phoenix -- is there a chance I'll actually get fruit this year? 

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Pretty good chance you will get to welcome in the new year with a Tango.

Wow, that long? So if the fruit had set with the first flowering, it stays on the tree for nine months or so before it's ripe?

Citrus is a (the) winter fruit. 

Depending upon your microclimate and the vagaries of each year Tango may be edible around the beginning of Dec.  But they will likely reach their peak in Jan-Feb.  And be good on the tree through March.


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