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I was listening to an online garden growing presentation in Phoenix and the speaker--who I won't ID since I may have it wrong--was talking about our planting/growing seasons. We have short ones.  We have year round planting (see Catherine the Herb Lady's monthly planting calendar posted on this forum).   

We have the warm and cool seasons.  But you can also argue we have 4 or even 6 seasons for planting (micro-growing seasons).  It was an off hand observation and nothing more was said, but I was curious, what are the definitions of six planting seasons in Phoenix? Opinions?

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Maybe 6 rounds of crops that can be planted/harvested? i'm constantly planting and harvesting, so it feels like more than 6 to me. As a personal choice, I take mid June- mid August off from any annual edible gardening because Phoenix is hell on earth for those months, but I still feel like there are at least 6 cycles throughout the year.


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