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hi All

Trying to buy 1/2 inch 12 X 20' lenghts of rebar for a gardeing project , need it to be delivered. Live close to Rural / Ray in Chandler. Any suggestions/ tips will be appreciated.


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Did you mean 12, 1/2" x 20'?
Rebar is called out in 1/8" in increments so you are looking for #4 rebar.
How many pieces do you need? Google "Discount Steel" around 23rd St and Jones in Phnx.

Powers Steel & Wire

How are you Ravi? how is your Design coming??

Really good ...will send you images of the place , how is life at your end.


a little complicated. Many plates in the air. One project after the other....look for more soon, since I'm back on this list.


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