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I attended an Agriscaping event this weekend and complained about the incredible amount of pine needles my trees are shedding right now. One audience member suggested I post on this forum to see if anyone needs some pine needles for composting.

I fill at least one of the City's "greens" barrels each week and could easily fill two, maybe more. In fact, if I measured my gardening success on production alone, these pine trees would easily top anything I've grown in my garden, including weeds.

If you need some pine needles, please contact me via the forum. I will have ample supply through the heat of summer, although at the rate they're shedding, you would think those trees would be naked!

North Phoenix area

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I would love a big bag, thank you!  I can be in your area on this Saturday or most weekends.  

Great. I'll put a bag together for you. Is there a way to contact each other privately on the forum, so that I don't put my email in this post? I'm new to the forum, so I'm unfamiliar.



Great question - I think the friend section can do that.  I see your invite so I will reach you there, thanks!

i want some pine needles please! call me 480392-8839


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